ICASU Workshops


The Illinois Center for Advanced Studies of the Universe (ICASU) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is pleased to announce a call to host and plan the 2024/25 ICASU Workshop. This workshop highlights interdisciplinary, cutting-edge research in topics of direct relevance to ICASU. The workshop is expected to occur between the Fall of 2024 and the Summer of 2025.

The deadline application to host and plan the 2024/25 ICASU Workshop is
11:59 p.m. January 15, 2024.

Your two-page workshop application should include a 1-page workshop statement and a 1-page draft timetable in a single pdf document with the file name: WorkshopApp_[your_last_name]_[your_first_name]_2024.pdf

Apply Now

This year, ICASU anticipates sponsoring one workshop. The evaluation criteria will be based on scientific interest and relevance to the ICASU mission, putting special emphasis on  proposals that can strengthen the connections between different parts of ICASU. All ICASU faculty are eligible to apply.

Workshop Details

ICASU will provide funding at $20k and administrative support for running the workshop, but all of the scientific and local planning will be the awardee's responsibility.

Application Materials:

Workshop Statement

The workshop statement is limited to one page and must be concise and clear. The statement should contain three sections: Motivation, Methods, and Equity.
  • The Motivation Section discusses the scientific context for the workshop, including the big picture and how it fits within the ICASU interdisciplinary mission. 
  • The Methods Section describes the workshop's logistics plan, including the names of the people on the organizing committee, and a list of invited speakers (no need to contact people on this list at the time of application).
  • The Equity Section describes specific diversity goals for the workshop.
The text layout should be standard 1-inch margins and 10 to 12-point font.

Block Schedule

The tentative block schedule will show the workshop topics in a one-page nominal schedule. This would include rough estimates of the breakdown of number of talks of various lengths, and what the broad topics would be, along with possible poster sessions or working social events. 
Questions can be directed to Professor Jorge Noronha at jn0508@illinois.edu.