Illinois Center for Advanced Studies of the Universe

The iCASU is an interdisciplinary arena for research, education, and outreach on scientific topics related to problems in fundamental physics that connect the fields of cosmology, gravity, high energy, and nuclear physics. The center is inspired by seeking answers to big questions, such as "What is the universe made of at the most fundamental level?", "What are the principles, symmetries, and forces that govern the interactions of the fundamental particles and fields?", and "How does the universe work at all scales of energy, curvature, and size?". These questions are explored in nuclear physics through the study of all forms of nuclear matter, in high energy physics through studies of particle interactions at all energy scales, and in astrophysics through cosmological and gravitational studies. The iCASU focuses on the many intersections and connections between these fields to enable interdisciplinary research with the goal of obtaining a deeper understanding of our universe.