Theoretical Minimum Seminar Series

The ICASU Theoretical Minimum seminars are primarily intended for ICASU graduate students. The purpose is to introduce topics that are of broad interest across all fields of study at ICASU but that are outside the core curriculum. The focus will be on material standard enough to be in an advanced  textbook, rather than on cutting-edge research topics. Faculty and postdocs are welcome to attend and are encouraged to present topics of interest to them.  Seminars occur on Wednesdays at 10 am in Loomis 464. If you prefer to attend remotely, you may contact Chloe Richards to access the Zoom link. Please see the schedule below for specific topics. For more information, contact Yonatan Kahn
Recordings of previous seminars are archived on Media Space. University login required.

Lecture series 1: Topological effects in gauge theory (Patrick Draper)

9/6 - Mathematical Minimum

9/13 - Magnetic Monopoles

9/20 - Topology of Non-Abelian Gauge Fields

Lecture series 2: Neural networks in the language of statistical field theory (Yoni Kahn)

10/4 - Introduction and Criticality in Linear Networks 

10/11 - Universality Classes of Nonlinear Networks

10/18 - Gradient Descent Dynamics and the Neural Tangent Kernel

Notes for lecture 1 and lecture 2 are available for review.