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The Modified Gravity workshop

"Modified Gravity" is an event sponsored by the Illinois Center for Advanced Studies of the Universe and the Institute for Condensed Matter Theory, taking place in Urbana, Illinois on May 18 - 20, 2023 in 190 Engineering Sciences Building.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together experts in modified gravity from string theorists to cosmologists. GR has been experimentally verified using many independent methods and has passed all the tests so far, although these tests have been conducted at high precision only at what one might consider medium size scales (of the order of our solar system).  Despite this, aside from the important, deep, and elusive question  of quantization of the theory, there are cosmological (and classical) issues that the theory does not seem to be able to explain, such as the speed of expansion of the universe, dark energy and dark matter.  Therefore, there seems to be a need to modify gravity at very large and at very small scales. 

The main program will begin on Thursday morning and feature a series of short presentations highlighting some of the research topics in the field and ending Saturday afternoon.